Filelight into kdereview (again)

Martin Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at
Sun Sep 12 19:07:02 BST 2010


I'm going to attempt this again; moving Filelight into kdeutils (last time I 
unfortunately didn't have spare time to fix all the outstanding issues). Now 
I'm mostly finished with the volunteer work at the student society, and the 
early-semester buzz at the uni has quieted down, and I hope to have more time 
to spend working on fun things. :-)

Thanks to Friedrich for the last review, and also for fixing a lot of the 
issues he raised. :-)
(Also thanks to everyone else who has helped out.)

AFAICS, the only unsolved issue left (from Friedrich's last review) is the 
feature request for a more complete tooltip for files and folders, but I don't 
think it's really a vital feature to have (though I have written it up on my 

So if the good people of KDE would be so kind as to look over Filelight and 
the documentation, I would be most pleased.

To help you check it out, here's the SVN URLs:

Martin T. Sandsmark
Filelight maintainer

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