"Cornelius's grand plan" - Merging KDElibs into Qt

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Oct 31 19:23:59 GMT 2010

On 31.10.10 17:42:22, Zorael wrote:
> I'm not a developer but I thought I'd pipe in.
> Without really touching on how to technically make kdelibs more
> modular and which bits to upstream into Qt (although I like the
> {tier1,tier2,platform} divisioning proposed in the wiki), I don't see
> how this can be done without /donating/ the code to Nokia to use as
> they see fit. Obviously this will allow them to sell the code
> commercially, which will alienate developers who submitted code and
> patches under GPL, who refuse having their code hijacked in such a
> way. That's why we have the GPL to begin with, after all. At the end
> of the day, Nokia wants to make money.

Except that most (all?) of kdelibs is LGPL, not GPL. So using it for
making money/in closed source apps is possible right now under certain


You will inherit some money or a small piece of land.

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