"Cornelius's grand plan" - Merging KDElibs into Qt

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Sun Oct 31 17:44:21 GMT 2010

On 10/31/2010 12:33 PM, Mark Kretschmann wrote:
> What do you think about it?

My 2 cents: Qt currently falls far short of our standard when
it comes to being a decent open source project. Governance,
development process and commit access are far from having been
sorted out in a satisfying manner. Any sort of merger under
these conditions would be an unacceptable regression.

There are more important attributes that define us than what
toolkit we use, namely our open source values. To use an
exaggerated example, I'd rather port KDE to the GTK+ stack
than lose our commit access model.

And let's keep in mind that the one time we did move a KDE
library into KDE it turned out to be a spectacular failure.
I see no reason to believe that any of the reasons it was
such a failure have been addressed since.

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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