[Kde-games-devel] Re: klickety moved to kdereview

nihui shuizhuyuanluo at 126.com
Sun Oct 31 03:04:09 GMT 2010

hi, Henrique Pinto
klickety now has the ksame mode in its codebase. The purpose is to replace ksame with klickety in kdegames module. It seems that there were no changes in ksame for a long time. Since you are the maintainer of ksame, I need your comments on this move. It would be nice that you could also work on the klickety-ksame mode.

I found that Matt Williams is the current module coordinator according to http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Release_Team 
so matt, please review both klickety and ksame and determine whether to give the permission to include klickety and remove ksame.

Currently I prefer hosting on svn because I am still fresh on git operations.
I think it will be nicer that both klickety and knights can be included in main module. 

best wishes

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