why kdelibs?

Juan Carlos Torres jucato at kdemail.net
Sat Oct 30 12:04:37 BST 2010

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at kde.org>wrote:

> On Thursday 28 October 2010 John Layt wrote:
> >
> > Big questions.  Anyone with big answers? :-)
> Here is a big answer:
> Let's merge Qt and the KDE development platform. Let's put all KDE
> libraries,
> support libraries, platform modules into Qt, remove the redundancies in Qt,
> and polish it into one nice consistent set of APIs, providing both, the
> wonderful KDE integration, consistency and convenience, as well as the
> simplicity and portability of the Qt platform.
> I know what you think ("madness", "no", "KDE 5", "impossible",
> "governance",
> "binary compatibility", "Nokia", "impossible", ...), but if you put that
> aside
> for a while and think big, wouldn't that be a wonderful answer to all the
> struggles we have with kdelibs?
> We all love Qt, without it KDE wouldn't exist. We also love the KDE
> development platform, it provides all that what Qt doesn't have or didn't
> have
> at some point in time. But is there still a real reason to keep them
> separate?
> Wouldn't it be much more elegant, if you wouldn't have to decide, if to use
> some KDE classes or write a "qt-only" application, if you would get all the
> wonders of KDE from Qt in one consistent way?

Sorry for butting in, but I just have to ask: Do you basically mean that the
"KDE Development Platform" cease to be "KDE" and become part of Qt?
Let's say this were possible, would KDE (or marketing-compliant, KDE SC)
become simply apps using Qt, probably with tighter platform integration on,
for example, Linux?

I mean, the thread started out as "why kdelibs?". With the answer you
the question in my mind now becomes "why KDE at all?" Or "what would KDE's
selling/differentiating factor be?

I hope I don't come off as trolling or offensive. I'm just genuinely curious
the effects of such a future with regards to KDE's independent identity.


Juan Carlos Torres
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