nepomukshell moved to kdereview

Sebastian Trüg trueg at
Fri Oct 29 19:47:53 BST 2010

On 10/29/2010 08:03 PM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Divendres, 29 d'octubre de 2010, Sebastian Trüg va escriure:
>> Hello fellow KDE-nerds,
>> I just moved nepomukshell to kdereview. I would like to put it into the
>> extragear.
>> Nepomukshell is a maintenance and debugging tool for Nepomuk data. It
>> allows to browse, query, and edit resources in Nepomuk. IMHO it is
>> essential whenever your app handles data in Nepomuk.
>> It has docs and all that jazz.
>> Please review.
> The file is wrong, it does not include kcfg files in the extractrc 
> call and ignores the files in the settings folder.


> Also please add context to one word i18n calls like i18n("Unknown")

Good point. I added context to all messages that seemed unclear to me.


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