why kdelibs?

Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at kde.org
Thu Oct 28 13:02:07 BST 2010

> well yes, but *why* is that awesome? :)

It's like asking why a robotic tyrannosaurus with pulse propulsion and lasers is awesome - it just is :)

In this case, one of the easiest to comprehend benefits is the network and file-archive transparency.

I remember the days when it was considered cool (in windowsland) to have a buggy system-crashing application that shows zip files as directories. (IIRC, the name was zipmagic) While it was a completely normal thing in KDE.


Maybe it would be a good idea to make a page for this on techbase. First a dump-list where everybody chips in, and then someone from the marketing team could format it to sound good.

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