Soft Feature Freeze has arrived today.

Chani chanika at
Thu Oct 28 11:18:55 BST 2010

> > > 
> > > Umm, sorry to be 'that guy' again, but the schedule says Thursday Oct
> > > 28, and
> > > "All deadlines are due 23:59 UTC" which I have always taken to mean
> > > 23:59 on
> > > Oct 28.
> > 
> > That is correct. I was one day off.
> y'know, I always find myself confused about this. maybe we should just
> add... maybe *I* should add an example to the wiki ;), I can't edit that page. doh. someone else add this please?
"For example, if the freeze is on thursday, europeans can still commit on 
thursday up to about midnight, while canadians should stop when it's only 
thursday afternoon in their timezone."

...although tbh, we often end up following the "it's still thursday in $some-
timezone!" rule. ;)

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