Akonadi, Attica and Soprano moved to git.kde.org

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Thu Oct 28 00:33:25 BST 2010

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 13:34:34 David Faure wrote:
> Michael: the readonly/readwrite choice for every module shows that some more
> generic syntax would be good indeed, something like
> module akonadi
>   git-module kde akonadi.git
> end module
> and a global option
>   git-repo kde git://git.kde.org/
> (which allows to write "git-repo kde git at git.kde.org:" instead)
> With such a syntax one can also define a gitorious repo and use it in many
> places, etc.

I actually like that proposed syntax quite a bit.

Maybe tonight once I get back, or tomorrow, or... some point this week I'll 
try to add it. :-/

 - Michael Pyne
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