Mac OS X compile bug in klocale_mac.cpp, and possible fix

Gregory Schlomoff gregory.schlomoff at
Sat Oct 9 11:20:36 BST 2010

> Thanks for spotting my goof, amazing it hasn't been picked up before now.

Yes, there where two bugs preventing kdecore from being compiled on
Mac. I was a little bit amazed when I realized that nobody tried to
build it since at least one month.

> But perhaps it would be better to copy QCFType and QCFString as KCFType
> and KCFString for internal use only as I'm pretty sure we may need more type
> handling in the future, and it is easier to type.

So, just to be sure, the idea is to copy QCFType and QCFString from
qcore_mac_p.h and qcore_mac.cpp (meaning basically, the _whole_
content of those files) and paste the code in kkernel_mac.h / .cpp,
renaming the classes to KCFType / KCFString?

Is that what you meant?

> If Benjamin agrees and if you have a working dev environment then could you
> please fix it, better than my doing it blind at the moment.

Yes, I can fix it. If we agree on this solution, I'll submit a patch for review.



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