Mac OS X compile bug in klocale_mac.cpp, and possible fix

Gregory Schlomoff gregory.schlomoff at
Sat Oct 9 06:28:50 BST 2010


kdecore/localization/klocale_mac.cpp is using QCFString::toQString to
convert a CFString to a QString. Actually QCFString is a private class
[1], and therefore kdecore isn't building on Mac OS X. (This change
was introduced by r1166797, which wasn't tested on Mac.)

So we need to duplicate QCFString::toQString somewhere. Actually, it
is already duplicated as "static QString
convert_CFString_to_QString(CFStringRef str)" in
kdecore/kernel/kkernel_mac.cpp, but as this function isn't exported,
we can't use it.

So what would you guys suggest? Export convert_CFString_to_QString so
that we can use it in klocale_mac.cpp? Or is there a better solution?



[1] See:

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