How to enter an email address

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Fri Oct 8 19:37:04 BST 2010


I was just wondering if there is a simple _and_ correct solution for an "enter 
an email address" widget. In KGpg I use a simple KLineEdit and afterwards 
throw the contents into KPIMUtils::isValidSimpleAddress(). Linking to 
kdepimlibs doesn't hurt there as I need the address book stuff anyway.

But what to do on other places? One thing that came to my mind would be the 
<input type="email"> from HTML5. Depending on kdepimlibs for KHTML is not an 
option. And I think it would also be cool to immediately stop the user from 
entering invalid addresses. KRestrictedLine could do half of this but would 
not stop one from entering foo at example@org or other junk.

So the question is: do we have a simple widget that would do this? If not, why 
not? Entering email addresses (and URLs, that would be the next to come up) is 
something most programs do these days. Assisting the user and developer here 
would make totally sense to me.

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