Keeping binary compatibility

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Tue Oct 5 14:31:15 BST 2010

On 05/10/2010 14:55, Lubos Lunak wrote:

>> README files tend to bitrot IME. apidox is a good place. techbase is
>> another good place. a "whitelist" page showing all libraries that have BC
>> commitments (with the implication that if we ship them, but they aren't on
>> that list, don't expect BC) would make sense to me. it's probably the
>> easiest place to find these things for 3rd parties.
>  I don't see why a techbase page should rot less than a README file that's 
> included with the library, nor why it should be easier to find (especially if 
> the README gets shipped together with the package). But I don't care that 
> much as long as it's said somewhere reasonable.

I'd like to add that README files have the advantage of getting branched
with the rest of the code, which can be handy to check changes between


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