Binary compatibility summary 4.5.1->4.5.2

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Oct 5 13:06:41 BST 2010

 The complete check is at . If there are any 
public libraries not included, please say so. Also note that in this case 
there are few harmless false positives caused by transitioning to Qt4.7 at 
the same time.

 There is one BIC problem, in kdebase/workspace:
libweather_ion removes
IonInterface::resetCompleted ( IonInterface::IonInterface* p1, bool p2 )

 This should be either re-added or soname bumped.

 There are also several problems with header files:

 The Lancelot headers are broken in several places:
- lancelot/widgets/ActionListView.h refers to non-installed CustomListView.h ; 
that one additionally refers to non-installed ScrollPane.h
- LancelotTestWindow, LancelotTestApplication and ScrollBar refer to 
non-existent/installed files too

addressbookselectorwidget.h refers to non-existent/installed 

KDE/Nepomuk/MassUpdateJob refers to nepomuk/massupdatejob.h , which apparently 
has been renamed

 Lubos Lunak
 l.lunak at

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