Review Request: KHolidays: New Holiday Region Selection widget

John Layt johnlayt at
Mon Oct 4 20:18:56 BST 2010

On Monday 04 October 2010 18:09:10 Chani wrote:
> i can haz map widget? :)  (...for the geographical ones, at least?)

It would be nice, same for the timezone widget, and in System Settings in the 
locale settings, and lots of other places, but we hit the problem of where to 
get such a map widget from.

Marble seems the obvious place, but we can't depend on it being installed 
unless parts of it were moved to kdesupport, but I don't think that will 
happen anytime soon.  Besides which it doesn't yet have a country highlighting 
or selection mode.  I keep asking Torsten for it and he keeps asking when I'm 
going to write it :-)

So we'd have to write a new widget for kdelibs that does all those basic 
functions, probably a QGraphicsView that we can draw a basic flat vector 
and/or raster map onto, select the vector shapes or points, and return a 
country code or location for it.  It wouldn't need to be too advanced or 
geographically accurate, it would strictly be for using in high-level picker-
style widgets.  The required map data is probably about 3Mb, but it could be 
shrunk down if we restrict the maximum size/resolution the widget will display 
at.  We'd still need a fallback mode for mobiles I suspect.

Could I have that all done in time for 4.6 with everything else on my todo 
list?  Even stealing some Marble code for a head start, not a chance :-)  
Maybe for 4.7...


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