Fwd: Using multiple klocales uses stale translations

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 23:29:13 GMT 2010

Chusslove Illich wrote:

>> [: Stephen Kelly :]
>> Clearly someone decided that should be commented out. Should what I am
>> trying work already, or does that need to be uncommented?
> It was I who both added and later commented out that code. As per the
> note, I commented it out because I didn't think of the use case, even
> though KLocalizedString::toString methods advertise the capability :) So
> it should be uncommented, but let me first check what it will do to
> performance.

The use cases I'm trying to satisfy are where you need to create content in 
multiple locales, such as a mail-merge where the targets are in different 
locales and the content should be localized.

>>   KLocale de("kwrite", "de");
>>   [...]
>>   kDebug() << de.formatDate(now, KLocale::ShortDate);
>>   kDebug() << fr.formatDate(now, KLocale::ShortDate);
>> I always get the date in the system locale instead of de or fr. Shouldn't
>> that work?
> The second argument to KLocale constructor is the language, whereas the
> date is determined by country, which is the third parameter. If the
> country parameter is left out, it is fetched from "the system" (whatever
> that means), hence what you are seeing.

Thanks for that.

It took me a while to figure out that the country must be in lower case.

KLocale de_DE("kwrite", "de", "DE"); // does not work
KLocale de_DE("kwrite", "de_DE"); // does not work
KLocale de_DE("kwrite", "de_DE.UTF-8"); // does not work
KLocale de_DE("kwrite", "de", "de"); // works!

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