Changing my mind: reverting my menubar, toolbars and statusbar changes

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Mon Nov 8 13:18:16 GMT 2010

Am Monday 08 November 2010 schrieb Johannes Sixt:
> How is a checkable menu entry that is not checked different from a menu
> entry that is not checkable, hm? There is *no* difference.
Broken UI style? There "*can be*" a difference ;-P

Unchecked Box:
Bespin, Skulpture, Oxygen, QtCurve, Motif/CDE,Plastique

NO Unchecked Box:
Phase, Windows, GTK+, Cleanlooks

I'm willing to move Phase up (if anyone is interested...), Windows can diaf 
and the other two can be considered "non standard" broken then >-)

Leaving that aside and a bit more working solution oriented, i'd anyway 
suggest to have a headered "Visible UI elements" (or so) group ("trailing 
seperator") and move the items in question in there....


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