KDE Geolocation Services

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 4 19:12:27 GMT 2010

On Thursday 04 November 2010 18:21:55 John Layt wrote:
> I need to investigate what QtMobility does on desktops (Win and Mac too) if
> Geoclue isn't available.  It looks like the Ovi backend isn't an option due
> to the current license.  If QtMobility doesn't provide any other backend
> on desktop then we would have to code our own, which QtMobility seems to
> allow.

Huh.  In spite of what the QtMobility site says about the desktop platforms 
being fully supported, it appears they are not.  Looking at the 1.10 beta2 
code release, there are no backends for Linux/Mac/Win, only for S60 and Maemo.  
The Meego backend using Geoclue and Gypsy is under development at the moment, 
which I assume will work on the desktops.  I guess we'll have to wait for a 
couple more beta's before we know exactly what's happening.


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