[Marble-devel] KDE Geolocation Services

Ariya Hidayat ariya at kde.org
Thu Nov 4 15:46:34 GMT 2010

> From looking at the current state of the Terms and Conditions of the Ovi Maps
> API I'm not sure whether we can legally make use of it:

IANAL but it seems as long as you don't initialize/start using the Ovi
Maps provider plugin, you should be good. We do not need to remove the
plugin code completely from the package.

> Not sure whether this is supposed to stay like this in the shipped version of
> Qt Mobility and whether it affects Marble (which provides turn-by-turn
> navigation services, real-time navigation and route guidance e.g.).

AFAIK yes it will stay like this, thus...

> Also in Marble we have the policy to only provide geoservices that are free in
> the sense of free software in the shipped version.  Shipping Ovimaps with the
> current Terms and Conditions would surely break that policy (which is one of
> our selling points).
> Technically Marble already has full support in our stable versions for what
> you need to fetch Ovimaps pixmaps tiles (adding support is mostly about
> changing a server Url in an XML file AFAIK).

.. it's better for Marble to never change that server URI to point to
Ovi service :)

My $0.02.

Ariya Hidayat

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