KDE Geolocation Services

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Wed Nov 3 22:41:28 GMT 2010

[Copying Henri in, he does know]

On Wednesday, November 03, 2010 23:27:11 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday, November 3, 2010, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Wednesday, 2010-11-03, John Layt wrote:
> > > The obvious backend solution is Geoclue, a freedesktop.org project
> > > which is available on almost all distro's now, is used by Gnome, and
> > > is an official part of the Meego platform.  The problem comes in the
> > > api to access Geoclue, which is a DBus based service with C bindings,
> > > as we would obviously prefer a Qt-ish C++ wrapper for convenience.
> > 
> > What kind of problem do you have in mind regarding a service with a D-Bus
> > API? There are already tons of these and they are using D-Bus as the
> > primary API exactly because it allows developers on different technology
> > stacks to use their preferred way of handling the protocol.
> a) annoyance of using DBus directly
> b) changes in the DBus API are out of our control.
> that said, what dependencies does Geoclue have these days? it used to
> depend on gconf, which would be a highly unfortunate dependency for
> kdelibs to acquire. it was said a few years (!) back that this dependency
> would be easy to remove and would likely be. has it been?


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