"Cornelius's grand plan" - Merging KDElibs into Qt

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Nov 1 07:30:30 GMT 2010

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, Torsten Rahn wrote:
>  * I think a good start would be if we defined better acceptance criteria
> for stuff that gets accepted into kdelibs.
> Right now I have the impression that basically everything gets in as long
> as it could possibly have a slight benefit in some situations. 

while we may be able to find some cases of this happening, this is not the 
general case. or put another way, if you want ot make this assertion please 
provide support for it, so that we know we're basing decisions on realistic 

> In this light I think the 80% rule for Qt is a pretty good thing - at least
> for Qt's core: It keeps the core on diet and makes it still

which leaves everyone else needing a 3rd party library to avoid reimplementing 
not-as-common-but-still-common code. those needs don't evaporate if kdelibs 
would stop providing them.

> - Other stuff  is largely tied to the paradigm of a desktop. Which brings
> me to the thought:  Let's start at what we good at: Let's start creating
> and maintaining a "Qt Desktop" module which would provide building blocks
> that are specific to the "classical" desktop. I guess that could be "our"
> initial sweet spot  which could complement the "Qt Mobility" module
> nicely.

what would be in such a Destop module, exactly? file dialog, print dialog, 
mouse-centric widgets, ..?

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