Review Request: Workaround for non-thread-safety of QDBusConnection

Sebastian TrĂ¼g trueg at
Fri May 28 08:39:39 BST 2010

This sounds like a reasonable "workaround" indeed. One which
distributors could have less problems accepting than a new major DBus

On 05/28/2010 08:34 AM, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Maksim Orlovich schrieb:
>>> In QtDBus binding a call to
>>> dbus_set_api_policy(DBUS_API_POLICY_NON_THREAD_SAFETY_FIX,1)  would
>>> activate this specific fix
>> It's possible for a process to use more than one toolkit at once.
>> (For example, in Netscape plugin support implementations with a Qt-based
>> host)
> where is the problem ?
> On a specific installation there will be one dbus installation say 1.2.9
> which includes the fix, but the fix is disabled by default. Also there
> is one Qt (with Dbus) installation which checks first if
> dbus_set_api_poliycy is available (QtDbus checks presence of every dbus
> api function) and if so activate the non thread safety fix.
> All processes using this QDbus installation will be protected by the
> acticated fix.
> Other bindings or low-level apps, which may requires patching, have to
> call dbus_set_api_policy() to activate this fix.
> Regards
> Ralf

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