Review Request: Workaround for non-thread-safety of QDBusConnection

Sebastian Trüg trueg at
Fri May 28 08:36:41 BST 2010

The workaround I propose here which we already use in libnepomuk may not
handle all cases (I dont know) but it makes the whole system a lot
stabler. Disabling the workaround in libnepomuk makes it crash all the
time. With the workaround I did not have one crash.


On 05/28/2010 12:24 AM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Sexta-feira 28. Maio 2010, às 00.14.13, Sebastian Trüg escreveu:
>> While it is great that we have a fix I have to agree with Lubos: it will
>> probably take a while for distributions to update to DBus 1.4. During
>> that time the workaround helps preventing many crashes...
> You can't properly work around this from outside QtDBus, sorry.
> Unless you have a fully dedicated QDBusConnection and you protect all message 
> sends with a mutex (and this includes signal connections).

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