[Kde-maemo] sprint opportunity

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at kde.org
Wed May 26 18:54:17 BST 2010

On Wednesday 26 May 2010 13:35:55 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> Resurrecting this thread, does this or does this not mean there is
> interest in a KDE-on-Symbian sprint?

I think this sprint makes sense if we stretch the "symbianness" of it a slight 
bit. I guess no-body would mind we we do some preparation of kdelibs towards 
being usable on Symbian. That includes the modularization part. The same goes 
for user interfaces that need to be adapted. In my opinion this boils down to 
getting things mobile ready. Achieving anything directly on Symbian would of 
course be very cool. Maybe we could get someone working on the Qt-Symbian port 
to join us and help us get started.
So this is a yes, it makes sense if we allow ourselves to stretch the goal of 
the sprint and maybe make it clear that the outcome will not be anything 
immediately useful on short term but infrastructure improvement and us 
learning about Symbian.

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