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Andriy Rysin arysin at
Sat May 22 16:34:13 BST 2010

One more question I have on global shortcuts - I've changed the  
component data for them from "KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher" to  
"Keyboard Daemon" (it looks more correct as later we could add  
shortcuts which handled by this daemon but no related to layouts) but  
now when user switches global shortcut he/she is prompted with message  
that this shortcut is assigned to different program, and when I force  
to switch in global shortcuts module I see both "KDE Keyboard Layout  
Switcher" and "Keyboard Daemon".

So is there a nice solution for such "global shortcut owner rename" or  
shall I just revert back to old "KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher" for  
less confusion?


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