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Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu May 13 17:37:28 BST 2010

'Twas brillig, and Colin Guthrie at 10/05/10 12:38 did gyre and gimble:
> 'Twas brillig, and Ozan Çağlayan at 10/05/10 12:08 did gyre and gimble:
>> Another approach would be to provide methods like showBrightnessOSD, 
>> showVolumeOSD which will decide the icon(audio-volume-muted, high, low, etc.) 
>> based on the percentage. This is currently calculated in KMix.
> I think it would be best to avoid being too specific. I think the client
> side should be the bit that is contextually aware. While icon+slider
> value is obviously correlated, I think it would be best to generic.
> Here is a neat idea tho':
> Perhaps the icon naming specification can be used to good effect here. I
> don't know the right base name to use here but in theory if you supply
> an icon name of:
>  sound-volume-90-95-97
> Then the icon naming spec will automatically fall back to the less
> specific names (e.g. it will try to find an icon with the full name
> ("sound-volume-90-95-97") then it will fall back to being less specific
> ("sound-volume-90-95", then "sound-volume-90", then "sound-volume" and
> finally "sound"). That way you can supply 10 icons at the various levels
> named sound-volume-90.svg sound-volume-80.svg etc. and not worry about
> finer granularity. That way you just pass in the base icon name in your
> call and the OSD widget knows to add on the suffix for the percentage.
> e.g.
> icon = "sound-volume";
> if (has_progress)
> {
>   icon += "-" + floor10(progress.value);
>   icon += "-" + floor5(progress.value);
>   icon += "-" + progress.value;
> }
> This way at the client side (e.g. kmix) you only supply a base icon, you
> get the same one for whatever value the slider is. If you do provide
> granular icons you've got three choices of icon granularity: every 10,
> or every 5 or every 1.
> This generic approach would work for all OSDs with progress bars.

Anyone else think this was a good idea or was I just smoking crack? :p



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