Shared OSD Service for KDE

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu May 13 17:37:00 BST 2010

'Twas brillig, and Ozan Çağlayan at 13/05/10 17:04 did gyre and gimble:
> todd rme wrote:
>> Will this be configurable through the notifications KCM module so you
>> can set your own sound, or disable sounds entirely?  There is a
>> brainstorm idea about this, and although many people liked the sound
>> many others did not.
> It was just an idea but yes it should be configurable because it's really undesirable to have a
> feedback sound during a video or audio playback.

For me personally, I'd very much like to see sound handle in a way akin
to the sound-theme-specification, but I appreciate that is a larger task
than is likely necessary right now.

All the same it would be nice to keep in mind.

FWIW, libcanberra (AFAIK the only actual implementation of that spec)
itself does not contain any deps that would be considered "evil" by the
KDE/Qt camps, so if it can be reused, I think it would be very nice.

It does compile a gtk module to integrate it with the whole of gtk - if
possible a Qt plugin of some kind could also be written but I don't know
how these kind of things fit in at the Qt/KDE level tho', so I'm not
really able to comment.

Anyway that is off topic really, but sound notifications should really
be done via some system like this as it deals with sample caching and
other such nice things which is used to play the sounds very quickly
which is important for a notification GUI.



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