Shared OSD Service for KDE

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Tue May 11 11:37:57 BST 2010

On 10/05/2010 14:43, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> IOW I don't really like the kmix one all that much - it's too detached
> from the context and needs to be bigger IMO :p

The problem with big OSDs like the GNOME or OSX ones is that they can be 
annoying when they are displayed over a fullscreen video. For this 
reason I decided to make it not too big. This is I think the same reason 
why OSD on TVs are not that big.

You may also noticed it is positioned at the bottom, but not completely 
stuck on the bottom edge. This is intentional too: it makes it possible 
to read subtitles even when the OSD is visible.


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