Shared OSD Service for KDE

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at
Mon May 10 18:09:44 BST 2010

Markus wrote:
> Am Montag 10 Mai 2010, 14:43:29 schrieb Colin Guthrie:

> @Ozan:
> Do you already work on a KCM? I'd like to provide a few mockups, because I 
> already have some ideas in mind for the Notifications KCM (some are floating 
> in my mind for some time which are related to notifications in general, not 
> OSDs specifically, but I can incorporate the OSD parts in my mockups).

Nope I am not. I would first like to:
* port the progress bar to Plasma::Meter (The widget is a QWidget. I have to do some 
rearrangements for being able to use Plasma::Meter as it needs QGraphicsWidget as parent),

* Dynamically update/reorganize the layout if a label is provided.

IMHO, the only crucial thing that should be configurable by the user is the position of the

BTW should I commit and develop in trunk/playground? Does it only contain parts that are *likely*
to be merged to KDE SC or is it really a completely free playground for KDE account owners?


Ozan Caglayan

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