[reminder] Hard Feature Freeze, Dependency Freeze & Soft API Freeze

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Wed May 5 17:59:34 BST 2010

May 11th: Hard Feature Freeze
Trunk is frozen for all feature commits, even those listed in the planned
feature document. Only bug fixes are allowed.

May 11th: Dependency Freeze
>From this moment on it is not allowed to add new dependencies or bump
dependencies versions. It is possible to get an exception for this. Post
the patch to reviewboard and add the release-team as reviewer. We will
check if the dependency is needed and is available on all platforms.

In other words: If you have a feature that requires a new dependency or a
version of a dependency that is higher than currently checked for in the
build system, you need to have committed this change before this date.

May 11th: Soft API Freeze
To allow the bindings people to have proper time to do there work in
preparation to the final release, the API should now be mostly fixed.
Changing API is allowed, but commits have to be cc'ed to the kde-bindings
mailinglist. This is including older APIs and newly introduced

Tom Albers
KDE Developer
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