Review Request: Update KFileItem and KFileMetaPropsPlugin to only request limited metaData (avoid reading all the file and blocking the UI)

Jos van den Oever jos at
Tue Mar 30 08:58:15 BST 2010

On Tuesday 30 March 2010 09:40:28 Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
> > On 2010-03-27 13:22:59, Darío Andrés wrote:
> > > Another simple alternative would be examinate why a 64kb limit was
> > > imposed when reading the metaInfo (Jos?) and try to remove that limit,
> > > (in a way that doesn't cause KFileMetaInfo to read *all* the file *all
> > > the times*) So, Nick could use KFileMetaInfo() and that would not
> > > affect the file managers
> in this case particular strigi analyzers [themselves] should be informed
> about Flags (Everything or not) and be able to request an early stop of
> reading.

The analyzers do not request the stop, the configuration does. The analyzers 
(should and mostly do) ask the configuration 'should we continue?' at 
reasonable intervals. On the strigi side, different behaviors can be handled, 
but the they have to be specified. Do you want only titles? Possible. Do you 
want a hard limit on the length to read? Also possible. Do you want to read up 
to X for this and up to Y for that field? Not pretty but possible. Do you want 
a time limit on the analysis? That is possible too. Just derive from 
AnalysisConfiguration and reimplement virtual bool indexMore() const.


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