Review Request: Patch for KParts::BrowserRun to retain SSL meta-data on redirection

Dawit A adawit at
Wed Mar 24 22:26:39 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 24 March 2010 15:06:03 you wrote:
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> It might make more sense to retain the SSL metadata in KIO::Job and resend
> it if necessary. Is there any reason against doing that? Or possibly new
> metadata has to be sent from the ioslave because the SSL metadata is
> related to the exact hostname...

Cannot do that at the ioslave level cause there is no guarantee the same 
ioslave will be used for the redirection, specially when one is using 
KIO::AccessManager. However, it might be entirely possible to do this at the 
job level by copying the meta-data values from the old job to the new one that 
is going to be used to handle the redirection. Actually, if it is possible it 
should be solved that way since not all applications are KParts based and 
those that are not might also want to have access to this data. Let me see if 
it is possible to fix it that way...

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