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Tue Mar 23 18:48:55 GMT 2010

Hi Friedrich,

On Monday 22 March 2010 16:04:54 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> signals/slots: Better use Q_SIGNAL/Q_SLOTS, grep for it :)
Done. Just wondering... Is there another reason but eventual naming conflicts 
with "signals" and "slots"?

> krcdnotifieritem/main.cpp:
> Hm, a separate program/process just for the notifier? Could this notifier
> not also be a plugin to some hardware-notifier shell? Is there some
> (Plasma-less) so it also works in other workspaces (write once, run
> everywhere)?

We have discussed that a lot and decided to keep user interaction out of the 
kded module even at the cost of a separate process (krcdnotifieritem features a 
dynamically changing context menu).
I don't know of a general place where I could hook this into. All other 
hardware stuff has its own plasma-applet or also a separate program.

> libkremotecontrol/remotelist.h:
> Remote* getRemote() -> remote() ?
> could be a static function/constructor (RemoteList::fromConfig()):
>         void loadFromConfig(const QString &configName);

Could be... I can see no benefit with the way it is used. The config could 
change during runtime and loadFromConfig() is also capable of re-loading.

I have worked out/fixed all others of your comments. Thanks for reviewing.


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