Updating KAboutData on runtime

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Mon Mar 22 01:00:49 GMT 2010


On a KDE application I am writing I have a small problem. On the
KAboutData information, at setOtherText() method precisely, I need to
add because of legal reasons an icon. This icon is installed with the
application, in the appdata folder, into "images" subfolder.

As you can imagine, I have to show this image on the KAboutData
dialog, but I cannot find the way, since once I have created the
KUniqueApplication instance, it already got the KAboutData info, and I
need to access KStandardDirs to access this pixmap, so I need the
KUniqueApplication instance.

So, the main question is: how can I do this ? Can I update the
KAboutData information on runtime like this:

1) Create the KAboutData without the setOtherText()
2) Create the application instance
3) Set KAboutData setOtherText() accessing KStandardDirs
4) Update somehow KAboutData

and expect the about dialog to be updated ?

Best regards,
Rafael Fernández López.

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