Akonadi DAV groupware resource moved to kdereview

Grégory Oestreicher greg at kamago.net
Sun Mar 21 18:19:03 GMT 2010

Hi all,

After some months of development, with the precious help and endless patience 
of Tobias Koenig, the Akonadi DAV groupware resource is ready for review and 
inclusion. The goal is to have it shipped with KDE SC 4.5 in the kdepim module 

This resource provides access to calendars using CalDAV 
(http://caldav.calconnect.org/) or GroupDAV (http://www.groupdav.org/draft-
hess-groupdav-01.txt), and to contacts using CardDAV 
(http://carddav.calconnect.org/) or GroupDAV.

The code has been tested with some implementations as stated in the README 
file. Krazy reports only one remaining error, though it has been addressed 
(adding the disambiguation on the "Username" label using Qt Designer 4.5.3).

The resource is available at trunk/kdereview/dav/.


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