Fwd: About the "binaries" product on bugs.kde.org

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Fri Mar 19 15:31:29 GMT 2010

On Friday 19 March 2010 07:28:47 am Darío Andrés wrote:
> I'm sending this to k-c-d because I didn't get response from the
> original assignees of the product (two mails bounced back, two were
> unreplied).
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Darío Andrés <andresbajotierra at gmail.com>
> Date: 2010/2/20
> Subject: About the "binaries" product on bugs.kde.org
> To: ralf.habacker at saght.tessag.com, rkrusty at debian.org,
> luc at patriots.net, redhat-rpms at kde.org
> Hi, I'm working on bugs.kde.org and manually checking some product
> entries, in order to do some cleanup.
> I would like to double check if KDE is still distributing binaries or
> if this product should be closed. (may be some of the listed
> distribution methods are still being used)
> I'm sending this email to all the assignees of the "binaries" products
> components (cygwin, dpkg, general, pkgs, rpms)
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Darío A.

I think this product should be closed. We've never (AFAICT) distributed 
official binaries.

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