"Issues Knowledge Base", a better place to show common issues [Proposal and call for (little) help]

Andrei Sebastian Cimpean andreiamenta at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 09:04:54 GMT 2010

Hello Dario.
I am not an important piece of the KDE team, actually I am just reading 
the mails because I like to be informed and because I really like KDE.
But, this being said, I can however give an honest opinion about your 
idea, mostly because of the experience i accumulated working in design.
I think that you hit some good points and I won't refer to your idea, 
because I think it is good, at least for most of it.
I will only suggest using the mock-up, because I think it is the best way 
of seeing how this could work. 
When I'm experiencing a crash and I decide to file a bug report, which for 
my shame doesn't always happen, I do not want to see another window 
before going to the window where you actually send the bug information.
I feel it is a bloated way of doing things. But the concept is good. I think 
that if the next releases would include something like this, it should 
provide support directly at the window that you see at a crash, similar to 
the current way, but maybe with a new button added that says 
something like "Get support" or "Ask for support".
I also feel that the approach here should go for less is more but this is a 
problem easily solved by a designer.
Anyway, good idea and you even got me to get to courage to say 
something :P.

On Sunday 14 March 2010 07:24:02 pm Darío Andrés wrote:
>  reduce the amount of incoming bug reports I planned to
> reorganize the Bugzilla Enter bug page.
> The overall idea is to:
> - Show a list of common, important or long-standing (and too much
> reported) bugs (*)
> - Redirect the user to places where they can ask for support / confirm
> it is a real/unknown bug (Forums, IRC/WebChat)
> - Show more ways to get support
> And, also show other valuable resources; like Brainstorm(@Forums) 
> ideas, and ReviewBoard for patc
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