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Burkhard Lück lueck at
Sat Mar 13 17:07:06 GMT 2010

Am Samstag, 13. März 2010 17:07:37 schrieb Michael Zanetti:
> On Friday 12 March 2010 19:59:17 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > Your i18n is in bad shape, you have one in kcmremotecontrol
> > yet use i18n calls in lots of other places.
> >
> > Please fix it.
> Done.
Hmm, there are a lot of new catalogs now, but afaik some of them are not used 
at runtime:

1) kremotecontrol/kded/
kded/ extracts to catalog kded_kremotecontrol
kded_kremotecontrol != kremotecontroldaemon -> no translations

2) kremotecontrol/kcmremotecontrol:
Do you really need that call? 
The next code line has KAboutData("kcm_remotecontrol", 0,...

3) kremotecontrol/libkremotecontrol: extracts to catalog libkremotecontrol
But I find no use of this catalog via insertCatalog() or the like.

4) kremotecontrol/krcdnotifieritem extracts to catalog krcdnotifieritem
krcdnotifieritem/main.cpp: aboutData("irkick", 0,...
loads catalog irkick, should be krcdnotifieritem?

Burkhard Lück

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