kajongg in kdereview since 1 month

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Sat Mar 13 16:51:54 GMT 2010

That is a long time. I believe there are no objections
left, so -

Matt, would you agree to put kajongg into KDE SC 4.5, the 
main kdegames module?

btw I am still adding features and will continue to do so
but I think kajongg is in pretty good shape. The remaining things
should be no obstacle like adding one last game rule which
is needed only rarely, making the AI players more intelligent,
adding more rulesets, adding voices (partially done today)

should anybody look at the python source - krazy does not -
there are some QDialog instead of KDialog, but I cannot
change that. KDialogButtonBox.addButton expects a C++ slot
but I need to pass it a python-defined slot. That seems undoable.
Until that is possible, it has to stay QDialog.


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