KCM icons, krunner and consistency

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:55:05 GMT 2010

Dear devs, 
 in view of our commitment to polish for 4.5, I'd like to raise a small issue regarding systemsettings and more specifically KCM icons and .desktop files

At the moment icons for kcms can be shown in a few different settings, in systemsettings, in the "configure" menu of applets or applications, in krunner...
In the first three cases kcms are shown in a setting which is clearly a "configuration" context. As such, the presence of a sort of "configure" hint in the icon (i.e. a wrench or the systemsettings icon) is quite redundant. In fact at the moment, I can see ~35 KCMs listed under systemsettings, and only 3-5 (depending on how you count them) items have a wrench in their icons. 

My proposal is to use some new icons for those items, either by removing the overlay or by making new ones (Nuno, it's up to you :)) in such a way to create uniformity among icons in systemsettings and avoid redundancy.

On the other hand, a "configure emblem" would be most useful in krunner; I would like to overlay all icons related to kcms with such an emblem, in such a way that it is clear that it's a configuration module and not an application (i've got a few too many bug reports complaining about that.. try querying "kontact" with krunner and guess which one is the KCM and which is the application)
Oxygen team, could you do that?

and by the way, this leads me to .desktop files!
Browsing .desktop files of KCMs you can notice that there is no common convention; some of them use "xxx Configuration", some others "Configure xxx", others "xxx settings", others "xxx".
It would be nice to fix a rule and stick to it, what do you think?

Thanks a lot.


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