RFC: move kdebase/runtime/kstyles to kdebase/workspace/kstyles/, small change in how default style is handled

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at kde.org
Sat Mar 6 09:55:09 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010 02:17:10 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On March 1, 2010, you wrote:
> > So what I would suggest is removing the style handling from KDE, and just
> > use what Qt uses when it detects the KDE platform. This way KDE apps
> > probably use GTK+ style when run from a GNOME session automatically. Not
> > sure if that is the desired behavior.
> yes, it would be under the "be native when we can" moto :)

As a KDE user on Windows, I want to say "don't forget about Oxygen on non X11 
sessions". I use the Oxygen style on Windows and I am pretty happy.

If this is a distribution problem, I am fine by it if it's doable on Windows as 
well. (Teletubbies GUI from XP or hook-on-60s-drugs from Vista? I choose 
Oxygen, thank you).

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