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Eike Hein hein at
Wed Mar 3 01:51:03 GMT 2010

On 03/02/2010 07:35 PM, Chani wrote:
> gitorious tagging still requires a sysadmin, afaik. one of the inconveniences 
> of gitorious' strange permissions system. 

This isn't really true. Let's go over it all briefly:

In practice, KDE projects on Gitorious are currently set up
like this:

- The projects are owned by kde-developers.
- The repositories belonging to the project have the 'kde-
  developers' team as a collaborator with the 'commit' per-
  mission bit.
- The repositories also have 'kde-sysadmin' as a collabo-
  rator, with the 'admin' permission bit.
- And they have an '<appname>-reviewers' team* as a colla-
  borator with the 'review' permission bit.
- And finally, they also have one or more key developers
  of the project as collaborators with the 'admin' per-
  mission bit.

Commit access is thus exclusively handled via kde-devel-
opers, and any member of kde-developers can commit to any
KDE repository. Getting into kde-developers is done by
filing a KDE sysadmin request against the gitorious com-
ponent, which is then implemented by one of the "Adminis-
trators" members of the kde-developers team (e.g. me).

The kde-sysadmin team exists for the purpose of making
sure KDE's sysadmin squad can edit all KDE repositories
on, to fix issues or help people in a bind.
It's membership includes the usual suspects like dfaure
and Dirk (and me).

The '<appname>-reviewers' teams were originally created
to be able to remove the 'review' permission bit from
kde-developers for all the repositories, because other-
wise every kde-developers member got email notifications
about every merge request for every project. So someone
with no interest in Amarok or Konversation would still
get MR mail about them. Project-specific reviewers teams
solve that routing problem. The reviewers teams usually
have all the core developers from a project as members,
and are administrated by one or more key developers.

Now, about tagging. Pushing a tag into a repository re-
quires being allowed to do a "force push". Force push-
ing can be enabled/disabled on a per-repository basis
on by anyone who has the 'admin' permi-
ssion bit for a repository. As outlined above, this
currently means every member of the kde-sysadmin team,
as well as one or more key developers from a given pro-
ject that have been added individually as developers
with the 'admin' permission bit.

* = Amarok's reviewers team is called "amarok-devel-
opers" because it was originally created for another
reason, then abandoned, and later repurposed for re-
viewing. Don't emulate that and use "-reviewers" in-

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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