Git Migration Needs YOU!

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Mar 3 01:25:20 GMT 2010

On March 1, 2010, Chani wrote:
> -we have six blockers listed on the techbase page[1]. One is between the

				we are now down to just TWO!!

namely: the negotiations with Shortcut and getting the svn2git rules in order.

the svn2git stuff is also seeing progress, but STILL needs more people working 
on it. it seems we have some people for kdepim, and after 2 days of watching 
it rsync it seems i just about have the svn db rsync'd locally so i can start 
ripping into things as well[1]; kdevelop and koffice seem in reasonable order 
now, as does kdeaccessibility.

good work, to all involved!

let's keep this ball rolling, get more hands on the svn2git rules and keep the 
wiki updated!

[1] i think i'll start with an easy target: kdeplasma-addons, then think about 
trying out the crunchiness of kdebase

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