Git Migration Needs YOU!

Chani chanika at
Tue Mar 2 18:35:36 GMT 2010

On March 2, 2010 06:52:08 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Terça-feira 02 Março 2010, às 15:40:02, Tom Albers escreveu:
> > Nope. The certificate stuff is shielded.
> Shouldn't be in KDE in the first place. There are better people to deal
> with the certificate list (I'm not saying Qt here, I'm saying distros).
> > Also tags/KDE is shielded.
> Protecting tagging is easy.

gitorious tagging still requires a sysadmin, afaik. one of the inconveniences 
of gitorious' strange permissions system. 
the wiki says "Johan has promised a solution for this" - but we don't get any 
dates from gitorious, so I've no idea when they'll get to it.

> > Also build specific files are rejected.
> Possible, but I'd rather not add pre-receive rules to the hooks. If you're
> merging the code from someone else who had those files in the history (they
> weren't using the KDE Git server), you'd have to rewrite history or throw
> it away to get into KDE.

I've moved pre-receive hooks out of the blockers.
btw, thiago, what do you think about moving the push log out too?

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