Git Migration Needs YOU!

Torgny Nyblom kde at
Tue Mar 2 06:39:46 GMT 2010

On Monday 01 March 2010 13.23.57 Chani wrote:
> -one of the blocker tasks is, uh, rather large. humongous, in fact. we
> could really, *really* use more volunteers for the svn2git rules.
> So please, if you want to see KDE using git, roll up your sleeves and join
> in!

Have just rsynced and was planing on working on kdepim[libs] (others please 
help me :)) but...

If someone who has already written some conversion rules could document the 
workflow I would be most appreciative. Right now I have a hard time getting 
started :(

Torgny Nyblom

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