Git Migration Needs YOU!

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Tue Mar 2 07:18:17 GMT 2010

Dominik Haumann wrote:
>> yes, this is the key issue, isn't it?
>> here's the problem though: it is documented sufficiently.
>> [...]
> I did not use svn2git myself. Christoph did the Kate migration, and from
> what I have heard, the result in git is not completely what you expect.
> Afaik, in our case, after the migration, there were some files that should
> have been removed at some point. The solution was to manually do that in
> order to finally have a clean git repository of Kate.
> Given this, is it at all possible to write entirely correct transition
> rules for all of KDE?
> @Christoph: As you just did the transition, can you comment on what you
> did exactly?
The rules I used are checked in kde-rules, like all others :)
They are quiet easy, as I didn't care for tags/branches, as our
gitorious repository should only used as staging area for reconstruction,
the sources stay in main modules and await later git move.

The only problem were files, which seemed to have stayed because the are
the result of some manual CVS moves,
really old stuff, like kw*.cpp from KDE 1/2. I just purged them in git
later, otherwise the stuff did look ok.


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