Git Migration Needs YOU!

Martin T. Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at
Mon Mar 1 22:31:33 GMT 2010

On Monday 1. March 2010 23.09.38 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Uhm, no you don't. Well not really at least, you'll need some additional
> space for the generated git repository(ies), but thats all. You don't
> need to generate any checkout from the downloaded svn repo.

From when I converted Phonon:

	viritrilbia:/srv/store/sandsmark/phonon-git/ du -hs kde-svn/
	55G     kde-svn/
	viritrilbia:/srv/store/sandsmark/phonon-git/ du -hs phonon
	18M     phonon

Just to be precise. :-)

Martin T. Sandsmark
Phonon Maintainer

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