Git Migration Needs YOU!

Chani chanika at
Mon Mar 1 12:23:57 GMT 2010

It's becoming apparent that a lot of people really, really want to be using 
git *yesterday*. I know, git is shiny and powerful and there's that lovely 
free gitorious server sitting right there practically begging to be used.

but please, *please*, can we do this in an orderly manner and not just rush in 
as a mob, stepping on each others' toes? can we work *together* on this, and 
ensure that nobody get left behind, that there are no casualties?

ok, it's not really at that level of chaos yet. ;)
but I'm worried.

for those of you who don't follow the scm list, here's a summary of the 
-we have six blockers listed on the techbase page[1]. One is between the board 
and Shortcut (the company behind, two will require co-operation 
from Shortcut after our part is done, and the remaining three are entirely 
KDE's responsibility.
-negotiations between the board and shortcut are continuing, but... well, it 
remains to be seen whether they can agree on a reasonable price for shortcut's 
services. so we might end up looking for KDE people to set up a gitorious 
server instead.
-one of the blocker tasks is, uh, rather large. humongous, in fact. we could 
really, *really* use more volunteers for the svn2git rules.
-the svn2git progress chart is also a map of what git repos will be created. 
how to split things up has been debated many times and the exact same 
conclusion was always reached, so let's not start that again. (exception: 
there's a few things at the bottom, folders I don't think anyone realised were 
in svn at all, so I don't have any record of what to do with them)
-amarok and konversation are on gitorious to help us test things. koffice is 
moving to git on their own (unless the SLA issue is a blocker for them). kate 
will keep their git repo sync'd back to svn (the guy actually doing the work 
says it's not a full git repo anyways, just a quick&dirty one, and they still 
want to be in the general migration later). a few young projects like rekonq 
were born in git and are still sorta hanging out there, hoping that they can 
join KDE without switching to svn.
-the position of kde-scm-interest (at least, the position that seemed to be 
consensus when discussing konversation's move) is that KDE SC is moving all at 
once and not before it's ready, and we really want extragear to respect that 
and move at the same time too. 

So.... that's how things are now.
But wouldn't it be lovely if we could all be using git when 4.5 is released? 
No more awkward bridges and git-svn setups, no need to check where a project 
lives, just one set of git repos on one server for everyone.
I think we might actually be able to pull that off... but only if we get a lot 
more help, mainly on the svn2git rules.

So please, if you want to see KDE using git, roll up your sleeves and join in! 
:)  to work on svn2git rules you'll need a lot of disk space, though: see [2] 
and [3] for details, and ask on kde-scm-interest at or #kde-git if 
they're not clear enough (and then make sure someone writes down the answer 
for the next person :)
if the ruleset stuff seems a bit much, there are other tasks up there too: 
scripts need to be written for encoding checks, and a log of who pushed what.

let's get this *done*.


This message brought to you by eevil bananas and the number 3.
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