Next trash fix, please review and commit

Lukáš Karas lukas.karas at
Mon Mar 1 01:02:44 GMT 2010

Hi all, 
here is next simply patch for trash.

This bug occurs if user set trash size quota and select "warn me" in case that 
trash overstep the quota.
When user has empty trash and want throw out file that is bigger that selected 
quota, he get dialog with "The trash has reached its maximum size! Cleanup the 
trash manually." message. It is wrong. If trash is empty, he can not clean it 
more :)

In tashimpl.cpp is tested actionType ("warn me") before case if trashed file is 
bigger that quota...
Following patch switch tests order...

If you will accept this patch, please commit it and close the bug repport. 
I haven't developer access yet.

Thank you for review.

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