DefineGroups getting lost after switching KParts

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Wed Jun 30 12:52:09 BST 2010


On Wednesday 30 June 2010, David Faure wrote:
> I should dig further into this, but strangely enough it seems to match an
> untested patch I had lying around, maybe you want to test it?

your patch does not affect the problem. In fact, while debugging, I had even 
tried changing isEmptyContainer() to return true, unconditionally, but to no 

Anyway, as I wrote in the follow-up to myself, the problem was that several of 
my ui.rc-files used the same "client name". I would assume it is this code in 
ContainerNode::destruct(), which was then effectively purging the DefineGroups.

    // remove all merging indices the client defined
    QMutableListIterator<MergingIndex> cmIt = mergingIndices;
    while ( cmIt.hasNext() )
        if ( == state.clientName )

> If this doesn't help I'll make a note to look further into this issue.

Again, to me it remains a bit mysterious, why this used to work prior to 
commit #912265, but I do have a solution, now.

Probably duplicate client names were never meant to be supported in the first 
place, and thus it may not be worth "fixing" in the library. One thing that 
would be nice, would be to get a debug-message, when adding a client with a 
name that is already in use. But I am not sure, where this would best be 

Something entirely unrelated: Could you please take a look at I think that one is pretty important.

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